Laura E. Bray

About This Project

Laura E. Bray is co-creator and co-producer of Casting Call, The Project. She is an Aussie transplant that has been swimming the ocean of New York City for over 7 years. She is a writer and a collaborator. While her past experience has been focused on work for the stage, she is in the process of transitioning to works for the small screen and is currently working on her first pilot.

She’s passionate about words, stories, experiences and that everyone has the opportunity to share their voice. Both here, in her home country and globally. She’s a true believer that all stories should be told.

Laura is also the Co-founding Artistic Director of The Naked Expedition Project along with the talented Celestine Rae, aiming to provide a platform to support the telling of stories by women and the underrepresented.

She’s excited to be working on this project with the wonderful Julie Asriyan and Jenna Ciralli and is forever grateful for all the inspiring artists in both her Australian and New York worlds. They keep her inspired and on her toes!